Nevada Athletic Commission Adds CTE and Concussion Information to their Website

Over the past year I’ve been volunteering with the charitable organization Fighting Foundation and one of our goals is bringing better concussion and CTE education to combat sports. A key reason being data showing that better educated fighters get less CTE.

I am very proud to announce (thanks largely to the tireless advocacy of Fighting Foundation founder and board member Carla Duran) that this month the Nevada Athletic Commission added important brain health and safety information to their website.

British Columbia became the first commission to adopt CTE and Concussion basics for fighters. Followed by the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe Department of Athletic Regulation which became the first Tribal Commission to do so. Now Nevada became the first US State commission to adopt these key materials. A major step by one of the most influential regulators for combat sports. Thank you to Executive Director is Jeff Mullin for taking this positive step.

Nevada has not only adopted Fighting Foundations CTE and Concussion posters (co-created by the Association of Ringside Physicians) but also the Foundation’s brain health basics video along with a short test on the fundamental material.

We hope every commission follows this lead and brings key brain health knowledge to fighters.

You can find the links at the NAC’s website under the “Hot Topics” banner.


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