BC Athletic Commission Adopts Fighting Foundation’s “White Belt” Brain Health Knowledge Video!

I am proud to announce that British Columbia has just become the first Canadian jurisdiction to adopt Fighting Foundation’s fighter brain health knowledge basics video. The “white belt” video.

We presented this video at the 2022 Association of Ringside Physicians annual conference in Las Vegas last week. We are now approaching as many athletic commissions as we can to adopt this basic education measure.

A recent poll showed only 6% of combat sports coaches could demonstrate adequate concussion knowledge.  Dismal.  This simple and free step will help start weeding out brain health ignorance from the combat sports community.  Data shows that brain health informed fighters make better choices and appear to take less overall career damage.  Encouraging stuff. 

Thank you BC for being the first Canadian commission to take this important step to help ensure fighters are aware of the biggest occupational hazard of their trade. You can click here to see it proudly displayed on the Commission’s home page!


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