Fighting Foundation Launches Fighter Brain Health Basics Video

The non profit Fighting Foundation has released their first in a series of fighter health and safety videos providing brain health basics for fighters.

Labelled the ‘white belt’ video it is short, simple and to the point. Tells fighters some key information about concussions and CTE. The core message being that CTE is linked to repeated hits that impact the brain (even sub concussive hits), reducing these in training and over a career is important and concussions need to be taken seriously with ARP post concussion protocols being recommended.

The content was written by a leading neurologist specializing in athlete care, simplified in language anyone can understand and delivered by fighters for fighters. At only 90 seconds duration there is no excuse for a fighter not to take the time to understand the content. With only 6% of polled combat sports coaches demonstrating adequate concussion knowledge this video is a welcome step in the right direction.

I proudly assisted Fighting Foundation in the video’s creation and want to personally thank everyone who volunteered their time in getting this first video off the ground. Special thanks to Rose Gracie, Carla Duran, Dr. Renato, Bobby Razak, Mackenzie Dern, Rayron Gracie, Keanna Klay, Renato Sobral and Ian McCall.

Please subscribe to Fighting Foundation’s channel for more useful content in the months to come.


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