Powerslap Brain Injury Rates Are Through The Roof

While there is no fool proof way of tracking brain injury rates in combat sports, bouts that end via KO/TKO by head shot are one objective (though under reporting) measuring stick. Using this measure Powerslap brain injury rates are through the roof.

Powerslap is not a sport. Defence is not allowed. Competitors must expose themselves to intentional brain trauma. Put your hands behind your back, stick your chin out and take your competitors best brain rattling shot. Almost guaranteed brain injury. And those that engineered this spectacle seem to be getting exactly what they designed.

As of right now three episodes of Powerslap have aired on TBS. Using the following reported results from Episode 1, and Episode 2 (I cannot find any bout by bout results published on Episode 3 but happy to update this if someone has the data or if my result summaries are off for the first 2 episodes as I won’t watch this program) high brain injury rates are the trend.

7 Bouts in Episode 1. 6 of 7 stopped prior to decision.

8 bouts in Episode 2. Only 1 went to decision leaving a KO/TKO/or disqualification rate (with one competitor not able to continue.) of 7/8 bouts.

So of 15 bouts 13 were stopped prior to decision. We have a KO/TKO rate of 86%.

Professional boxing bouts end with KO/TKO rate reportedly at 66%. With some of these of course coming from body shots. Something that is not possible in slap fighting.

Professional MMA KO/TKO rates due to head strikes come in well below 50%.

Slap fighting is designed for brain damage. Slap fighting is reaching its unstated objective.

Not only are the brain injury rates profoundly high but the regulated standard for competitor turnaround seem to be profoundly low with Nevada’s regulations stating as follows:

Participants may not compete in a Match unless:
Six days have elapsed since his or her last Match if the Match was not more than three rounds
Eight days have elapsed since his or her last Match if the Match lasted four to six rounds
Ten days have elapsed since his or her last Match if the Match lasted seven or more rounds

As of today the Association of Boxing Commissions and Combative Sports have not recorded Powerslap bout results or medical suspensions in their official databases leaving other regulators in the dark as to known brain injuries of competitors. I have reached out to ABC president who advises this will be changing.

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