Mississippi Reportedly Allows Fighter to Compete While Serving Suspension For Multiple KO’s (Article Updated – Suspension Apparently Waived)

Update – August 12, 2017 – Today Boxrec’s Grey Johnson advises me that he received “an e-mail from Mississippi that they got the ok from North Carolina for Marvin Hunt to fight“.  Apparently they did not bother to let Boxrec know the suspension was lifted prior to the fight.

This is, in itself, troubling as one wonders why a commission, or a doctor, would decide that it is ok to overturn a year long suspension based on cumulative KO’s after such a short period of time.


Last year US Athletic Commissions allowed 34 fighters to compete while suspended.  This should not happen a single time.

2017 is off to no better a start.  First with the death of boxer and former UFC fighter Tim Hague who was allowed to compete in Edmonton despite their internal safety policies indicating he was not fit for licencing given his string of recent KO and TKO losses.

Now Mississippi enters the fray with the latest reported infraction.  As noted by BoxRec’s Grey Johnson, boxer Marvin Hunt, who has racked up 38 career knockout losses, was serving a suspension yet was allowed to compete on July 29, 2017.

Grey Johnson Tweet

Hunt served only 1/3 of a one year suspension handed to him by the Boxing Authority of the State of North Carolina after suffering his 6th consecutive KO/TKO loss when Mississippi allowed him to fight.  The suspension came as a result of him “getting knocked out too many times consecutively“.

Hunt Suspension

At this year’s annual meeting lawyer Pat English chastised the Association of Boxing Commissions and Combative Sports members noting such oversights cannot stand as they contravene the fundamental reason why athletic commissions exist – to prevent preventable tragedy.

BoxRec’s Johnson vows to publish every infraction that occurs.

Grey Johnson Tweet2

Hopefully Grey’s public shaming works before another preventable tragedy occurs.

Regulators exist first and foremost for fighter safety.  They would be wise to remember this.


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