Government Neglect Puts Nova Scotia “Not in Good Standing” With Association of Boxing Commissions

As reported by CBC’s Jon Tattrie, presently no professional boxing or MMA events can be held in Nova Scotia.  Why?  Because the government has failed to appoint (or re-appoint) new Nova Scotia Boxing Authority commissioners after the present acting members terms ended in June 2017.  This resulted in the Province being “not in good standing/not active” with the Association of Boxing Commissions and Combative Sports.

Tattrie reports that the government plans on remedying this with the Authority’s last chair noting “”What happened this year is the [provincial] election interrupted all the different appointments. They’re expected to meet in the next week or so,”

Once the commission is back up and running combat sports will remain a bit of a legal mess in Nova Scotia. Their laws pre-date recent Criminal Code amendments with the Province relying on a regulatory scheme that tries to shoe-horn all combative sports events under the umbrella of boxing.

Among the absurdities that have arisen in the jurisdiction are

Calling sword-fighing a form of boxing.

Allowing fighters to win by groin shot

Ignoring fighter pay protections

Ignoring their actual rules for the sake of big promoters

The above is a non-exhaustive list of areas that could use reform in Nova Scotia. This latest lapse, however, demonstrates that combative sports regulation is likely little more than an afterthought to the Province.

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