Bellator Forced to Open the Books in UFC Anti Trust Lawsuit

Earlier this year Zuffa issued subpoenas for a host of Bellator documents including “documents related to the negotiation, termination, cancellation, or transfer” of Bellator Contracts and documents relating to “all income Your Company received from presenting each Professional MMA Event“.

After partial Bellator opposition to this wide-sweeping request Magistrate Judge Peggy E. Leen issued reasons setting out exactly what documents Bellator will be compelled to provide.  With a deadline of July 5, 2017, the Court ordered that Bellator produce the following with respect to fighter contract documents

A. Bellator shall produce a randomized sample of contract agreements between Bellator and fighters with whom Bellator has or has had an agreement between January 1, 2010, and the present. The random sample shall consist of at least 20 percent of fighters under contract with Bellator between January 1, 2010 and the present. For the fighters selected for the sample, Bellator shall provide all agreements between it and the fighters, including any amendments, modifications, side letters, or extensions that may exist with respect to any contract that is produced pursuant to this section.

B. “Anonymized contracts” means that the fighters’ identifying information such as names, addresses, phone numbers, and Social Security Numbers, may be redacted. Bellator shall assign a unique identifier to each contract and any related amendments, modifications, side letters, or extensions to the contracts selected for the random sample.

C. The anonymized contracts shall include the fighter’s gender, weight class, number of fights during term of agreements and any compensation to be paid.

And as follows with respect to income and expense documents

A. Bellator shall produce a list of all MMA events it promoted or co-promoted from January 1, 2010, through the present. The list shall identify all events by date and location.

B. Bellator shall produce unaudited profit and loss statements through the quarter ending March 31, 2017, that include the following information:

REVENUE Advertising/Sponsorship Revenue Affiliate/Pay Per View Revenue Ancillary Revenue TV Syndication Consumer Products Recreation & Events Other Total Revenue EXPENSES Operating Expenses Production & Programming Expenses Fighter Compensation Above the Line Production Staff Below the Line Production Staff Staging, Lighting & Set Tech Crews & Equipment Post Production Venue Costs Travel & Transportation Other Operating Expenses Selling, General, and Administrative (“SG&A”) Expenses Employee Compensation: SG&A Advertising & Promotion Expenses Other SG&A Depreciation & Amortization Total Expenses OPERATING INCOME NET INCOME

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