Scott Coker – UFC Opening Bellator’s Books Would Cause “Grave Harm”

Update March 10, 2017 – Zuffa have now responded to this motion.  Their full argument of why Bellator should be forced to open their books can be found here – Zuffa Opposition to Bellator Motion to Quash


Never let a good crisis go to waste!  This Winston Churchill strategy appears to be to the UFC’s liking.

The crisis?  An on-going anti trust lawsuit by several former fighters alleging that the UFC has gained dominant market position through a series of unlawful and anti-competitive practices.

The opportunity?  Seeking to get their biggest competitor to open the books.

In a nutshell the UFC says there is nothing anti-competitive or unlawful about their practices and what they do is business as usual.  What better way to prove this than to open the books of your competitors.  The UFC issued subpoenas for a host of Bellator documents including “documents related to the negotiation, termination, cancellation, or transfer” of Bellator Contracts and documents relating to “all income Your Company received from presenting each Professional MMA Event“.

Bellator, not wanting to become collateral damage in the lawsuit, has filed a motion to quash two of the subpoenas. In support Bellator President has filed a Declaration noting that the UFC’s request would cause “grave harm” to his company.

Coker paragraph 8.PNG

Coker’s full declaration can be found here – coker-declaration


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