GSP Tested 4 Times by USADA

Posted: September 28, 2016 in Uncategorized

While Georges St-Pierre and the UFC appear to in the thick of contract negotiations for the dominant welterweight’s UFC return, one potential barrier appears to be removed.

GSP has been tested by USADA 4 times meaning that he likely has signed the UFC/USADA contract addendum which was one of the potential barriers for an athlete who took a hiatus from competition before the anti-doping program was implemented.


  1. […] and his hiatus from the sport being largely due to concerns about the prevalence of doping.  It is also noteworthy that GSP was tested at least 4 times by USADA in September, 2016 suggesting that he has already signed the USADA […]

  2. […] never used the word retirement and when negotiations to return heated up in 2016 he entered the USADA testing pool.   The former welterweight champ was tested in August or September of 2016 but in October […]

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