Johny Hendricks Misses Weight For UFC 200; Will He Pass Medical Screening?

Raimondi Tweet

Johny Hendricks was “shaking the scale” in his failed attempt to make weight for UFC 200 this morning.  Uncontrollable shaking is a sign sometimes seen with profound dehydration and coupled with the fact that he could not get down to his contracted weight it does not take a deep thinker to suspect that’s what’s going on.

At least one physician who saw the footage feels this is exactly what is going on

Dr B Tweet re Hendricks

The question is, will Hendricks be pulled from the card or will regulators turn a blind eye to these signs of dehydration?

Under Nevada Law each fighter must be medically examined at weigh ins.  The regulations are silent as to what physicians should look for but presumably signs of dehydration would be on the list.  A doctor does not need legislation to look for this.

NAC 467.528 specifically reads as follows

A physician designated by the Commission shall give each unarmed combatant a thorough physical examination at the time of his or her weighing in before a contest or exhibition.”

This is not the first time Hendricks has been shaking from apparent dehydration at weigh ins.  This occurred in Texas in 2014 where he was still allowed to compete despite regulations expressly stating that “If in an attempt to make weight, a contestant shows evidence of dehydration, having taken diuretics, or other drugs, or having used any other harsh modality, the department shall disqualify the contestant on the advice of the examining physician.”

If the NSAC’s physician shares Doctor Benjamin’s views Hendricks should be pulled from UFC 200.  MMA’s rapid extreme weight cut injury and death list is far too long.  It does not need to grow any longer.


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