Blood Spitting Draws 6 Month Suspension by NSAC for Caio Magalhaes

After UFC middleweight Caio Magalhaes lost to Josh Samman at the UFC’s TUF 21 Finale in July 2015 he displayed poor sportsmanship by spitting blood at his opponent and catching referee John McCarthy in the crossfire.

Today the NSAC concluded this behavior constituted “conduct that is detrimental to a contest or exhibition of unarmed combat” and issued a 6 month suspension and 40 hours of community service for the infraction.

In an interesting side story, Magalhaes informed the commission, during his plea for leniency, that he had dinner with Samman following the bout and buried the hatchet.  Samman promptly tweeted that this was, at least in part, false.  If the Commission was misled while Magalhaes was under oath this can open the door to far more serious consequences.

Samman Tweet

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