Wanderlei Silva To Learn His Fate With NSAC Rehearing Today

Update November 30, 2015 – The rehearing was scheduled to proceed today but apparently has been further delayed another month.

Update October 29 – The October 29 hearing has been adjourned for a month as Silva’s lawyer was not provided with relevant documentation in a timely manner


NSAC Silva Rehearing photo(photo via @fightersagenda)

After having his lifetime ban for running from a Nevada State Athletic Commission drug tester overturned as ‘arbitrary and capricious’ Wanderlei Silva’s rehearing is agenda item #1 in today’s Commission meeting – NSAC October 29, 2015 Agenda

Today’s hearing will not focus on whether the NSAC had authority to request an out of competition test of Silva (who was unlicensed at the time) rather it will focus solely on what a fair punishment is for such an infraction.  A further appeal is apparently underway about whether the NSAC enjoyed jurisdiction to ask for the test in the first place, but on the assumption they did, today the NSAC will set the tone for punishments that can be expected for test avoidance.

Of note the NSAC’s suggested ‘tough on doping’ penalties (which were not in force at the time of Silva’s test avoidance) call for a 48 month ban for first time test avoidance infraction.

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