Rousimar Palhares Suspended 2 Years by NSAC For Prolonged Submission Hold

Today the Nevada State Athletic Commission Suspended Rousimar Palhares 2 years in addition to a $40,000 fine plus legal costs for not promptly releasing a submission hold upon referee direction.

Tweet re Mazzagatti testimony

The infraction occurred at World Series of Fighting 22 where then Welterweight Champion Palhares retained his title via kimura submission.  He was subsequently stripped of his title by the promoter and temporarily suspended by the NSAC pending today’s hearing.

This is not a first time occurrence for Palhares and his reputation preceded him with the NSAC being specifically concerned that this not occur.  This history likely influenced the level of punishment imposed.

Tweet re Bennett

Tweet re Palhares

Below is video of the infraction.

(Below GIF’s Courtesy of ZombieProphet)

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