UFC Class Action Transferred to Nevada

Update June 3, 2015 – I have obtained a copy of Judge Davila’s full reasons granting Zuffa’s motion to transfer the Anti-Trust lawsuits to Nevada and these can be found here – Judge Davila Reasons Granting Zuffa Motion to Transfer


John Nash of BloodyElbow.com, who has provided second to none coverage of the Anti Trust Class Action lawsuit against the UFC reports that the cases have been ordered to be transferred to Nevada.

Nash tweets as follows:

Nash Tweet Re Class Action Change of Venue

Jon Fitch, one of the lead plaintiffs in the lawsuit, has also tweeted as follows:

Jon Fitch Tweet re Change of Venue

The next step in the lawsuit will be for the Court to consider Zuffa’s request to delay the discovery obligations pending the outcome of Zuffa’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit.  The motion to dismiss was scheduled to be heard on July 23 but this timetable has been vacated due to today’s venue change order.

Nevada has a more business friendly reputation than Northern California where the lawsuits were launched which generally has a more plaintiff friendly reputation.  It should be noted that this is a victory for Zuffa but it is simply one of the many battles in the war of class action litigation where only the end game ultimately matters.

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