UFC Class Action Procedural Update

Reasons for judgement were recently released by Judge Davila shedding light on the procedural timetable for the next steps in the UFC Anti Trust Class Action lawsuit.  Zuffa is looking to delay their discovery obligations and have filed a Motion to Stay Discovery.  The court ordered as follows –

1. Plaintiffs shall file their Opposition to Defendant’s Motion to Stay Discovery on or before June 3, 2015. The brief shall not exceed 25 pages.

2. Defendant shall file its Reply on or before June 17, 2015. The brief shall not exceed 15 pages.

3. Nothing in this Stipulation precludes Plaintiffs or Defendant from seeking to amend the filing deadlines set forth herein as permitted under the Local Rules if circumstances warrant.\

Last month the parties provided submissions on Zuffa’s motion to change venue from California to Nevada.  Reasons for judgement are pending.

Zuffa also filed a Motion to Dismiss the lawsuits which is scheduled to be heard on July 23, 2105.

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