Zuffa Motion To Stay Discovery Dismissed By Nevada Judge

Update June 14, 2015Jason Cruz reports the cases have now been consolidated in Nevada with Judge Richard Boulware taking conduct.  You can click here for background information on Judge Boulware.


With the various anti-trust lawsuits against Zuffa being transferred from California to Nevada earlier this month comes some expected administrative disarray.  In California the cases were consolidated and all before one Judge, in Nevada the cases were transferred to three separate judges. There are further motions to consolidate the cases before the Court.  Earlier this week Magistrate Judge Nancy Coppe, who was given conduct of the Kyle Kingsbury lawsuit, dismissed Zuffa’s motion to put off their discovery obligations.

Judge Coppe provided the following reasons:

On June 4, 2015, this case was transferred from the Northern District of California. Docket No. 35. Before the transfer, Defendant filed a motion to stay discovery pending resolution of its motion to dismiss. Docket No. 29. That motion to stay is hereby DENIED...”

Not much should be read into this development as the motion was denied without prejudice with the Court allowing Zuffa to refile their motion by June 12 if they wish to renew it with directions that any such motion must “address the case law from this District regarding requests to stay discovery pending resolution of a dispositive motion.”.

If Zuffa does not proceed with a new motion Judge Coppe ordered that the parties submit a proposed discovery plan no later than June 19, 2015.

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