Zuffa Seeks to Move UFC Class Action Lawsuit to Nevada

Update – Zuffa’s Motion To Change Venue is now publicly available and can be found here: Zuffa Motion To Change Venue


Zuffa has announced their first substantive step in defending the anti-trust lawsuit against them by seeking to move the claim to Nevada.  They have released the following statement:

We care about our fighters and our fans and are proud of the company we have built.  Today’s legal filing is procedural in nature, asking the court in California to transfer the cases to Nevada.  Nevada has by far the strongest connection to the allegations in the complaint.  Zuffa is headquartered in Las Vegas.  The UFC employees who may be witnesses live and work in Las Vegas, and many fighters and other potential witnesses are also in Las Vegas.   More UFC events take place in Las Vegas than in any other city and the plaintiffs all agreed to litigate disputes with UFC in Nevada.  We believe that it is both fair and logical that the suits be heard in Nevada.

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