Mac Danzig and Gabe Ruediger File Fourth Anti Trust Suit Against UFC

Zuffa, the UFC’s parent company, is now facing a fourth anti trust lawsuit.  Filed by Mac Danzig and Gabe Ruediger, this claim largely mirrors the previous claims currently before the courts filed by Cung Le, Nathan Quarry, Jon Fitch, Luis Vazquez, Dennis Hallman, Brandon Vera and Pablo Garza.  The full claim can be found here – Danzig et al v. Zuffa

Danzig, one of the higher profile fighters to join the suit, had a 7 year stint in the UFC and recently retired from the sport after citing issues with concussions.

This claim comes in the midst of a procedural battle with Zuffa trying to transfer all of the claims from California, where they are presently filed, into Nevada.  This filing can be anticipated to be used by the various Plaintiffs in their response to Zuffa’s Motion to change venue as both Danzig and Ruediger are noted as California residents with Zuffa alleging the claims and parties involved in the anti trust suits have a tenuious California connection.

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