US Congress Members Blast PowerSlap As Brain Trauma Masquerading as Sport

Dana White and those behind his slap fighting venture “PowerSlap” boast about the show’s early success mimicking the early days of the UFC.

One of the early stories of the UFC was the sport getting the attention of federal politicians and getting relegated what the owners now refer to as the ‘dark ages’. A chapter that nearly killed the sport. PowerSlap may be finding similar ‘success’.

This week two US congressmen (Representatives Bill Pascrell Jr. and Don Bacon) sent a letter to the CEO of Warner Bros., Discovery, blasting PowerSlap as nothing more than glorified traumatic brain injury masquerading as an athletic competition. It is hard to disagree with this characterization as the brain injury rates of PowerSlap are through the roof and the barrier for entry from an athletic perspective is nothing more than willingness to absorb brain damage for $2,000.

The letter speaks for itself and is reproduced below. All press is not always good press. And a broadcast partner receiving the attention of congressmen sitting on Traumatic Brain Injury Task Force may not be the success PowerSlap founders are looking for.

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