Thank You Fight Circus! First Promotion To Promote CTE Brain Health Education

Fighting is dangerous. In many ways obviously so. In some ways the dangers are hidden. CTE is one of the hidden dangers which can creep up quietly many years after the damage is done. Repeated hits rattling the brain give rise to the disease. Both the CDC and the NIH have finally made this admission.

With reputable health agencies acknowledging cause and effect its past time for those in the fight business to be honest about brain trauma and CTE. Enter Fight Circus.

Full Metal Dojo is the biggest MMA promotion in Thailand. Among their products is a show which embraces the odd and bizarre in combat sports, Fight Circus.

Last night Fight Circus IV aired and the show started with Fighting Foundation’s brain health basics video. Telling athletes to take concussions in training seriously. And telling athletes to minimize the amount of brain trauma they expose themselves to, particularly in training, given its link to the incurable and deadly brain disease CTE.

Thank you Fight Circus. To my knowledge you are the first fight promotion in history to give a Public Service Announcement about CTE/Concussions and fighting.

Other promoters should follow suit. Don’t be outdone by Fight Circus when it comes to brain health education.

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