BC Athletic Commission Publishes Warning to Western Canadian Martial Arts Championship

The BC Athletic Commission enjoys monopoly jurisdiction over certain combat sports in BC including amateur kickboxing and amateur Muay Thai. Many events have taken place in recent years in BC that could meet the definition of these sports. Sometimes they are marketed as amateur karate which the BCAC does not oversee.

This week the BCAC appears to have drawn a line in the sand. The regulator has published a public notice on their website essentially warning the Western Canadian Martial Arts Championship not to host any events that could be deemed to fall under the BCAC’s exclusive jurisdiction without formal approval otherwise they may be flirting with an illegal prize fight prosecution under the Criminals Code.

The public warning speaks for itself and reads as follows:

This information bulletin serves as notice that the BC Athletic Commission has not provided permission for the Western Canada Martial Arts Championship to hold any Amateur Kickboxing, Amateur Muay thai or any other prize fights as defined by the Criminal Code of Canada and that requires my permission, as the BC Athletic Commissioner under the 2013 Amateur Sports Combat Designation Order.

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