Study – UFC Glove Type Linked With “Clear Pattern” of Higher Eye Poke Rate

The 2022 Association of Ringside Physicians annual conference just wrapped up in Las Vegas.

Among the many great topics covered was recent data finding glove poke rates are higher in the UFC and the PFL which use a similar glove vs Bellator that uses a glove with more curve.

The presentation, presented by current ARP President and ringside physician Dr. John Neidecker, with research assisted by Jared Bukowski, Vijay Kurup, and Bobby O’Donnell, canvassed data about eye poke rates in these three promotions.

Fights through January 1, 2022 through June 30, 2022 were canvassed. During this period there were 256 UFC fights, 89 Bellator fights and 52 PFL fights.

The findings were that the UFC and PFL had nearly identical rates but Bellator enjoyed meaningfully lower rates of eye pokes in bouts.

The following data was generated

Dr. Neidecker concluded as follows:

There is a clear pattern when examining number of eye pokes occurrences when comparing Bellator vs PFL and UFC

  • Bellator < UFC
  • Bellator < PFL

As per his below tweet Dr. Neidecker will be adding to this study for more information to see how the trend continues.


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