Association of Ringside Physicians Holds Open Discussion on Transgender Athletes in Combat Sports

Among the many important topics canvassed at the 2022 Association of Ringside Physicians annual conference this past week in Las Vegas was an open discussion on transgender athlete participation in combat sports.

Like many topics in combat sports there is no universal regulatory standard. With commissions varying their practices from State to State, Province to Province, Tribal Commission to Tribal Commission and in some jurisdictions even City to City the ARP created an opportunity for open discussion to help ensure that medical information, not prejudice, can help guide regulators in sensibly approaching this topic.

Leading combat sports neurologist and respected Ringside Physician Dr. Sethi provided a similar talk earlier this year to the Association of Ringside Physicians where he reminded regulators, and physicians, that transgender rights are human rights and these along with health and safety must be prioritized as regulatory decisions are made.

Dr. Sethi’s presentation materials from earlier this year to the ABC are publicly available here and worth reviewing for all combat sports regulators.


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