Colorado Shuts Down Melvin Guillard Bare Knuckle Boxing Licence

BKFC 31 is scheduled to take place on October 15 in Denver Colorado.

Among the bouts was one featuring UFC veteran Melvin Guillard.

As first reported by MyMMANews the Colorado Combative Sports Commission has apparently pulled this fight after ‘further research‘.

Among the critics of the proposed bare knuckle boxing bout was Luke Thomas who posted Melvin’s recent record post his UFC career

One of the jobs athletic commissions have is determining fitness for licencing. One tool available to Athletic Commissions in determining fitness is the Boxing Severity Index. A loose guideline adopted by the Association of Boxing Commissions and Combative Sports to help make assessments about whether someone should be red flagged and deserving closer scrutiny. Below is the BSI and applying it to Melvin’s long losing streak does not lead to a favourable impression.


1)      ACTIVITY (fights in the last 2 years)

1 (or less)         +1

2)      RECENT RECORD            

Lost 5 or more in a row               +2

Lost 3 of last 4                              +1

 Won 3 of last 4                              -1

3)      KO or TKO

More than 4 in last 2 years          +3

3 or less in last 2 years                 +2

 Last fight by KO                          +1

4)      Age                            

Greater than 44                            +2

Greater than 35                            +1

5)      RING AGE               

Greater than 500 rounds             +1

Amateur experience

Each fight = 1 pro round

Greater than 5 years              +1

TOTAL SCORE:        

+3 – +4 = High Risk Category “C”

 +5 – +6 = High Risk Category “B”

+7 – +9 = High Risk Category “A”

Categories A, B, and C indicate the fighter needs further clinical evaluation by the commission and their medical advisory board before licensure. This scale is not meant to replace good judgment, but to be utilized as one objective tool to determine suitability to compete.


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