The UFC Should Not Mock Fighter Brain Injury

At UFC 279 the card underwent a massive last minute shuffle after Khamzat Chimaev missed weight by a wide margin, the Nevada Athletic Commission decided to use their powers to ignore some of their rules, and many fighters stepped up to the plate to take new opponents on incredibly short notice.

This led former UFC fighters Pat Miletich and Brendan Schaub to hypothesize that some sort of conspiracy was at play with the weight miss. At the post fight press conference UFC president Dana White commented on these conspiracies and had some harsh words for the fighters that advanced them.

Leaving fair criticism of unsupported and far fetched theories aside, White then went so far as to mock the promotions former fighter for possibly having brain injury with the following quote

If Pat really said that its fuckin, holy shit, we might have to send him out to the fuckin clinic here, the brain clinic, get him fucken checked out.”

The UFC built an empire on fighter brain injury. From “knockout of the night” awards, to modern entry level contracts from Dana White’s Contender Series emphasizing ‘exciting‘ fighters who fight not to win a decision but to finish their opponent.

Fighters retire with the consequences of serial brain injuries. The UFC executives retire on the spoils of billions of dollars the promotion rakes in.

Fighters have no post retirement health insurance. No pension. Nothing to assist them with the long term harms from the greatest occupational hazard of their trade. The last thing the promoter should add to this sparse landscape is mockery.

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