Let’s Talk Diaz, Khamzat and the Legal Mess in Nevada

Just now Khamzat Chimaev missed weight for his main event with Nate Diaz by 7.5 pounds.

The UFC claims the Nevada Commission is giving him a further hour to make weight.

Folks, this is a mess. Let’s drill through some of the issues.

A fighter cannot cut more than 2 pounds after missing weight in MMA in Nevada. Here he is trying to cut more than triple that.

Nevada rules allow certain spreads to be allowed even if weight is missed. This type of a wide miss still is within bounds so it is all the more odd that the attempt is being made.

If the main event falls apart folks are entitled to a refund under Nevada regulations. And a fighter cannot be subbed into the main event after they have weighed in (for those folks calling for Diaz v. Fergusson)

Diaz is on his last bout of his contract but reportedly does not have a sunset clause. The bout falling apart after a grossly unprofessional weight miss by his opponent might result in an extended contract. Regulators should keep this harsh multi million dollar reality in mind.

Lastly (but most importantly if you bothered reading all of the above), THERE ARE NO RULES! Nevada has a rule that says they can waive their rules. Let’s see how this mess plays out.

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