Fighter Suffers Concussion While Rapid Extreme Weight Cutting

In the latest example of a combat sports athlete suffering injury through rapid extreme weight cutting Devin Miller reported that he passed out and suffered a concussion.

Scheduled to compete at bantamweight at Fury FC 61 in Texas Miller was cutting weight and “fell” then “busted up” his face and was diagnosed with concussion.

Miller, notably, was coming off a particularly vicious KO in his last bout just over 2 months ago when he was knocked out via elbow.

This is the latest addition to a long list of hundreds of athletes who have been injured (with a few noted deaths as well) attributed to rapid weight cutting. It is also known that weight cut risks have some overlap with brain injury risks in combat sports.

Miller’s full statement, published on his Facebook page, was as follows:

I unfortunately won’t be fighting tomorrow night. I apologize & hate to disappoint all my followers but I fell Thursday night after cutting weight & busted my face up & was told I have a concussion. I deeply apologize to everyone looking forward to watching me compete.. But I wanted to do what’s best for my personal health & longevity and going into a fight not at my 100% did not seem like a smart or safe idea. With this being said, you all should still tune it to watch Evan Cutts, Darren Whitney, & Xavier Young! They are going to put on a show & you won’t want to miss it!!

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