Athletic Commission Offers to Give One Eyed Michael Bisping a “Permit” to Fight Jake Paul

In the world of combat sports there is always a weaker link.

In the US commissions vary from State to State and Tribal Commission to Tribal Commission. In Canada they vary from Province to Province. Then, in the unique Province of Alberta it breaks down even more with commissions varying from City to City. Adding another wrinkle to things a First Nation situated in Alberta just outside of Calgary has their own Commission (I can dork out on the legalities in play for a First Nation Commission given Canada’s Criminal Code wording but I’ll save that detour for another day). A promoter looking for a place to do business has no shortage of options. And they apparently would have no problem finding retired UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping a “permit” to box.

Why would giving such an accomplished fighter a permit be controversial? Because in retirement it became known to the world that Mr. Bisping only has one eye. He is not a boxer, is retired, and has one eye!

Despite all of this the Tsuut’ina First Nation took to the internet to tell Jake Paul and Michael Bisping that they are open for business. In the video which speaks for itself they list the medicals they would require. An eyesight test is not mentioned. The officials even stumble when trying to find the words for an MRI which would not be required but “recommended”.

When there is enough money and notoriety to go around there is always a commission willing to open their doors. This is the latest example of many.


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