Colorado Approves Open Scoring in Combat Sports

In recent years the Kansas Athletic Commission took the lead and approved open scoring in combat sports. Following this they compiled data dispelling many myths raised by opponents of the transparent system.

Today the Colorado Office of Combative Sports passed a policy proposal bringing open scoring to the State.

I reached out to Tony Cummings, the current Program Director of the Colorado Office of Combative Sports and Colorado Combative Sports Commission who confirms the policy passed noting that while it does not make open scoring mandatory in the State it does give promoters the option to use the system.

Also voted on today was a policy making continuing education mandatory for licenced officials in the State. A measure that could go a long way to help make officials more accountable and better prepared to do their jobs.

Update – Colorado has now published the new polices. The full policies on Open Scoring and Continuing Education read as follows:

PURPOSE: To establish continuing education requirements for officials working
for the Colorado Combative Sports Commission.
It is the policy of the Colorado State Combative Sports Commission that all
officials assigned to an event shall have the required training for such an assignment. Officials shall attend and pass required training at least once
annual. Such training may be given by one or more of the following:
• The Association of Boxing Commissions,
• The World Boxing Council,
• The International Boxing Federation,
• The World Boxing Organization,
• The International Muay Thai Federation,
• The International Sport Karate Association,
• USA Boxing,
• Any other organization or instructor with prior approval from the Director.
Prior to assigning an official, the Director shall ensure that the official has the
required training to officiate such an event.
Officials shall not be assigned to any event unless they have maintained the
continuing educational requirements and provided proof to the Director at least
once annually.

PURPOSE: To establish open scoring system requirements for the Colorado
State Combative Sports Commission.
It is the policy of the Colorado State Combative Sports Commission to establish a
criterion for the use of an open scoring system for events held in Colorado.
Open scoring may be utilized at any event with prior approval from the Director.
Such approval must be obtained at least ten (10) days prior to the event.
Approval from the Director for use of an open scoring system shall include all
bouts for the permitted event and shall not be limited to certain bouts.
Control of the open scoring system, including all electronic equipment, shall be
under the exclusive control of the Director or designee for the duration of the
permitted event. Should part of the open scoring system fail, the use of the
system shall be terminated until such time as the system is fully functionable.
A promoter who is granted permission to use the open scoring system for a
permitted event, shall inform all participants the day approval is obtained. Failure
to do so may result in Director approval being rescinded. Promoters must attest
to the Director that they have informed all participants that the permitted event
will include the open scoring system.


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