Foundation Launched After MMA Fighter Dies From Rapid Extreme Weight Cutting

Rapid Extreme Weight Cutting has been responsible for an ever growing list of injury, health consequences and at least three fighter deaths in Mixed Martial Arts.  The friends and family of one fighter who died from the practice have now launched a foundation looking to educate stakeholders and bring about much needed change.

Rondel Clark died following an event held at Plymouth Memorial Hall in Plymouth, Massachusetts on Saturday, August 12, 2017. Weight cutting played a role.  The recent launch of the Rondel Clark Foundation published the following mission statement and cautionary tale:

Weight cutting is a harmful – and potentially fatal – yet a common practice in MMA and other combat sports. Rondel is not the first fighter to have died from weight cutting.  Unless rules and regulations get changed, he will not be the last.

That’s why Rondel’s family and friends have formed the Rondel Clark Foundation. The mission of the Rondel Clark Foundation is to prevent the practice of extreme weight cutting in combat sports through education and regulation, and to help families who have been affected by extreme weight cuts. The world lost an incredible human being with the passing of Rondel. Please help us ensure that no individual, and no family, endures a senseless tragedy due to extreme weight cutting ever again.

The Foundation’s website can be found here.

One thought on “Foundation Launched After MMA Fighter Dies From Rapid Extreme Weight Cutting

  1. The level of weight cutting is insane. A big name fighter is going to eventually to die. Its unfortunate to see how the UFC has done nothing. At least CSAC has installed some weight check regulations. Its going to be 115lb female who has a fatal cut and that could destroy the UFC.

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