Association of Ringside Physicians to NAC – No 8 oz Gloves for McGregor vs. Mayweather

Update August 16, 2017 – …The NAC, today, approved 8 oz gloves.  They relied on no scientific evidence speaking to the safety of this decision contrary to advice from the ARP.


As first reported by MMAFighting’s Marc Raimondi, the Association of Ringside Physicians have stern words for the Nevada Athletic Commission telling them not to approve 8 oz gloves for the McGregor vs. Mayweather boxing bout absent “scientific evidence” that such a move would be a safety improvement.

As previously discussedNevada’s combative sports regulations were overhauled effective September 2016.  Among the changes were requirements for glove sizes mandating 10 oz gloves for all fights over 135 pounds.  The regulation allows fighters over 135 pounds but under 147 pounds to agree to 8 oz gloves in instead of 10 oz gloves.  Fighters over 147 pounds do not enjoy this choice.

McGregor and Mayweather are fighting at 154 pounds.  They must use 10 oz gloves.  The commission only enjoys the power to deviate from this for “a championship contest“.  There is no belt on the line for this bout.

The current regulation reads as follows:

Screenshot NSAC glove rule

The only chance of having the NAC approve 8 oz gloves is if the NAC is prepared to ignore the above section and rely on their general powers contained in NAC 467.008 to deviate from their rules.

The Nevada Commission is on record saying that they would only deviate from this rule with “health and safety of the fighters being the number-one priority“.

If the ARP has any influence this request should be dead in the water with the organization noting “Unless there is scientific evidence to support the view that such a change might improve the safety of the bout, we should strongly caution against allowing current regulations to be over-ruled”.

Below is the ARP’s full letter –

ARP letter screenshot

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