Ontario Legalizes Muay Thai, Kickboxing and Host of Amateur Combat Sports

Ontario OIC

For years Ontario has ignored section 83 of the Criminal Code creating confusion as to the legality of various combative sports.  At long last this has changed with Ontario passing Order in Council 1087-2017 designating exactly which amateur sports are legal and how they are to be governed.

In short, Ontario has designated that the following amateur combative sports are legal (notably Mixed Martial Arts is not on the list):

  • boxing
  • grappling
  • jiu jitsu
  • judo
  • karate
  • kickboxing
  • muay thai
  • pankration
  • taekwondo
  • wrestling
  • wushu

To legally hold a competition involving these sports in Ontario the OIC requires that permission be obtained “from the Provincial Sport Organization recognized by the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport pursuant to its Sport Recognition Policy for the amateur sport“.

The only exception to this is  a wrestling contest to be held by a school or a university where “ permission is required from the applicable school or university athletic association or its affiliate“.

This OIC comes into force on July 1, 2017.  The Government published the following requirements for those wishing to become a PSO for combative sports.


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