Nevada State Athletic Commission Adopts Early Weigh Ins for UFC 200

Following California,  Ontario, KansasCABMMA and the Mohegan Department of Athletic Regulation, the Nevada State Athletic Commission, arguably the most influential combat sports regulator, is the latest to adopt early weigh ins.

Today’s NSAC agenda included the following item for possible action

10. Consideration of request by Zuffa, LLC to modify time of event weigh‐ins, for possible action.’s Shaheen Al-Shatti reports that the commission has unanimously adopted the proposal.

Shaheen Al Shatti Tweet

Unlike some jurisdictions whose rules or regulations require weigh ins to be held 24 hours or less prior to a bout, Nevada’s Regulations regarding weigh ins are broad enough to give the NSAC the discretion for this move with NAC 467.496  reading as follows:

An unarmed combatant who has signed a bout agreement is subject to an order by the Commission to appear at any time to be:

     1.  Weighed; or

     2.  Examined by any physician whom the Commission may designate.

Not all jurisdictions have this flexibility and those that don’t should consider taking the steps needed to adopt this practice along with other weight cut reforms to ensure that MMA’s rapid extreme weight cut injury list stops its troubling growth.


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