Why Jon Jones’ Probation Violation Arrest Could be a Big Deal

Update March 31, 2016 – John Jones Probation violation hearing was held today and, as first reported by Marc Raimondi, the Court exercised its discretion to tighten Jones’ probation terms.  These include attending anger management courses, driver improvement courses, 60 further hours of community service and not being able to drive without permission of his probation officer.  As reported by ESPN’s Brett Okamoto, the Court concluded the hearing with the following warning for Jones –

Okamoto Tweet


Screenshot Jon Jones

(Image HT Suzanne Davis)

Earlier today it was revealed that Jon Jones was arrested for an alleged probation violation stemming from a recent traffic stop.

While motor vehicle violations are generally minor incidents they can be compelling for  individuals under probation.

When Jones plead guilty to felony hit and run in September 2015 he was given a stern warning by the presiding judge about the potential consequences of his guilty plea.  I urge you to view the below video to get a sense of these potential consequences –


If the judiciary finds Jones violated his probation stemming from his previous guilty plea to a 4th degree felony New Mexico law allows the Court to

  • continue the original probation,
  • revoke the probation and either order a new probation with any condition provided for in Section 31-20-5 or 31-20-6 NMSA 1978, or require the probationer to serve the balance of the sentence imposed or any lesser sentence.
  • If imposition of sentence was deferred, the court may impose any sentence which might originally have been imposed, but credit shall be given for time served on probation.

In other words if Jones is found to have violated his probation he can be facing consequences including potential incarceration and becoming a convicted felon as a result.

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