Study Finds Widespread Opposition to AIBA’s Headgear Ban in Boxing

In 2013 the Amateur International Boxing Association, the international governing body for amateur boxing, instituted a rule banning headgear in competition for elite men.  The ban is expected to be expanded to all competitors in 2018.

While there are conflicting views as to the efficacy of headgear in amateur boxing a recent study reveals that there appears to be widespread consensus opposing the AIBA’s planned headgear ban.

Researchers Philip Dickinson and Philip Rempel polled 636 individuals for their opinion on the ban.  The results were as follows

  • a total of 71.5 % of Canadian respondents believed headgear should be mandatory at all levels.
  • Only 5.8 % agreed that headgear should be prohibited, as planned for 2018
  • Estimating results on a representative breakdown of boxing membership in Canada, a similar pattern emerged, whereby 68.2 % concurred with mandatory headgear while only 4.95 % supported its prohibition.
  • Parents of boxers were almost unanimously against banning headgear, stating they would change sports as a result.
  • Similarly, only 1.7 % of women believed headgear should be prohibited.

The full study can be found here.

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