Federal Court Dismisses UFC Lawsuit Alleging New York MMA Ban Unconstitutional

Zuffa has been fighting two battles in New York for the past several years hoping the State would reverse their ban on professional MMA.

The first being a lawsuit alleging the ban is unconstitutional.  The second being lobbying efforts to overturn the ban.  While the lobbying efforts appear to finally be paying off, the court battle was dismissed today in Federal Court.

The lawsuit had lived through a number of challenges with the last surviving arguments being that New York’s flip flopping on the legal implications of the challenged legislation coupled with the State’s ever changing definition of ‘professional‘ contests created a sufficiently vague track record such that the legislation was unconstitutional.

These last arguments were dismissed today.  The Court did not address the merits of these claims, rather the Court dismissed the lawsuit on the technical grounds that the Plaintiff’s did not suffer any harm and therefore had no standing to bring the action.

A full copy of Judge Kimba Woods ruling can be found here: Zuffa New York Lawsuit Dismissal

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