No Pro Kickboxing in the Forseeable Future for British Columbia

Glory 20 Promo Image

With Glory 20 scheduled to take place in Dubai on April 3, 2015, British Columbia’s very own Gabriel Varga is scheduled to compete for the promotion’s featherweight world title.

Despite this accomplishment Varga cannot compete professionally in his own backyard and this situation does not appear likely to change anytime soon.

You can click here for the back-story on why British Columbia considers it out its power to allow professional kickboxing, and here for Senator Runciman’s criticism that BC’s legal position “defies logic”.

Last month the Province appointed a new Athletic Commissioner and with this changing of the guard rumors swirled that pro kickboxing may indeed soon be legalized.  Unfortunately these rumors are false.  I reached out to BC’s new Athletic Commissioner who advises that “the Province, at this time, does not intend to revisit the decision” to legalize pro kickboxing“.

Here is the Commissioner’s full e-mail:

From: BC Athletic Commissioner CSCD:EX
Sent: March-16-15 11:35 AM
To: Erik Magraken
Subject: Re: Professional Kickboxing

 Dear Erik Magraken,

Thank you for your email dated March 10, 2015 about the above referenced matter. Please be advised that the Province, at this time, does not intend to revisit the decision to preclude professional Kickboxing as part of the regulatory oversight of the BC Athletic Commission.


Wayne Willows

BC Athletic Commissioner

2 thoughts on “No Pro Kickboxing in the Forseeable Future for British Columbia

  1. One way or the other we (GLORY) want to come to Canada soon. If it is not BC, well, there are many other provinces. But with what Canada is showing in terms of fighters and fans, we are NOT going to leave it out of the calendar for much longer!

  2. Ivan, thanks for your comment.

    It certainly would be great to see your organization host an event in Canada. Unfortunately, unless BC changes their interpretation of S. 83 of the Criminal Code or unless a Court interprets it differently coming to this Province is not currently an option.

    That said, there are certainly other Canadian jurisdictions, such as Manitoba and Quebec, that would likely welcome your promotion.

    If you folks have any questions navigating the legal waters in this market please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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