BC Looks to Overhaul Amateur Combat Sports Rules

BC Athletic Commission Logo

The office of the British Columbia Athletic Commissioner, who oversee various amateur and professional combat sports in the Province, is looking to overhaul and finalize their rules relating to amateur MMA, Pankration, Kickboxing, Muay Thai and Combat Sports Tournaments (events where athletes participate in more than one match during the event).

The BCAC has put together a Draft of the proposed rules for each of these respective sports which can be found here.


BCAC Draft New Amateur Kickboxing Rules

BCAC Draft New Amateur MMA Rules

BCAC Draft New Amateur Muay Thai Rules

BCAC Draft New Amateur Pankration Rules

BCAC Draft New Amateur Tournament Rules

Prior to finalizing these rules the BCAC is looking for feedback from the combat sports ccommunityand other interested parties.

All interested parties are invited to email thoughts and suggestions on how to improve the proposed rules to Athletic.Commissioner@gov.bc.ca.

The deadline for submissions is November 28, 2014.

The Commissioner will review suggestions before finalizing and posting updated rules for use in amateur combat sports. It is anticipated that final rules will be posted in early 2015.

Until new rules are posted, the current versions remain in effect.


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