Edmonton Lifts “Pause” for “Large Scale” Combat Sports

In the aftermath of Tim Hague’s tragic death during a boxing bout in Edmonton the City ‘paused’ all combat sports events. This ‘pause’ has now been lifted.

Interestingly they are only green lighting large scale shows with promoters needing to secure a venue with a capacity of at least 5,000. A strange stipulation hoping to attract larger shows with larger promoters in the fallout of tragedy on a smaller scale event. It is unclear what larger promotions will have confidence in Edmonton’s regulation or what specific measures they have implemented to address the issues that led to Hague’s death. (Alberta being the only jurisdiction in the US or Canada that sub-delegates combat sports regulation to the City level instead of State, Provincial or Tribal commissions).

In any event below is the latest update to Edmonton’s website (h/t Mike Russell).


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