Joe Schilling Beats Assault Lawsuit Using Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” Law

Two years ago decorated kickboxer Joe Schilling knocked out a patron named Baloba at a bar. He was sued. He claimed self defence. Below is the footage which speaks for itself.

Schilling argued he believed he was about to be attacked and used force to defend himself. The court agreed finding that he was protected under Florida’s ‘stand your ground’ law which allows someone to use force, even deadly force, to defend themselves instead of retreating in the face of imminent harm.

The case turns on a split second. Before Schilling unleashed his punches Balboa is filmed doing what appears to be a head feint. The Court believed that this gesture was threatening and Schilling genuinely believed he was under threat of harm and acted reasonably. Another judge certainly could have decided things differently.

In any event the Court summarized their findings of fact along with Schilling’s successful legal defence in the reasons below.


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