MMA Legend Frank Shamrock Pledges Brain For CTE Research

While there is some data suggesting brain injury rates and severity may be lower in MMA than in boxing, there is no reason to believe that the brain rattling from MMA does not lead to the disease. There is a growing list of proven and suspected cases of CTE in former MMA athletes.

Researchers have learned much about CTE in recent years causing leading institutions such as the US National Institute of Health and the CDC to admit that the disease is caused by repeated concussive and sub concussive blows. Despite this growing knowledge researchers still have much to learn. Since the disease can only be formally diagnosed by brain autopsy after death brain donation is an important step to further understanding of this deadly disease.

With this background MMA legend pioneer Frank Shamrock has just pledged his brain for CTE research. Shamrock is a pioneer of the sport and his accomplishments speak for themselves. He has joined other pioneers of the sport such as Julie Kedzie in pledging their brain to help future generations of athletes.

Thank you Frank for your leadership in this important field.

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