Fighters Reportedly Receiving $0.00 From New UFC Footwear Sponsorship

This week the UFC issued a press release highlighting a new ‘footwear’ sponsorship between the promoter and an “innovative performance brand created by trailblazing global entertainer and entrepreneur Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson“.

The shoe deal will presumably require fighters to wear these shoes/slides during their walk to the cage and perhaps beyond (ie fight week duties etc).

The press release was silent on two key things. How much this deal is for and how much the fighters get. Now, reporter John Nash, is indicating that fighters are apparently receiving $0.00 in compensation from this deal and even have to do extra work from it.

I reached out to the UFC’s VP of Communications for comment on Nash’s reporting. I will update this article with their reply should they provide one.

Johnson boasts that this deal is #ForThoseWhoWalkTheWalk. If fighters are getting $0.00 that is far from true.


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