Colorado Successfully Uses Open Scoring in MMA

Open scoring has now been successfully used in at least two US jurisdictions for MMA. Kansas and Colorado. Last night Colorado had their first ever run with the scoring system for an Invicta FC card.

Many critics of open scoring say fighters knowing the score will lead the winning fighter to avoid action and coast to victory in the final round. To date data collected by Kansas does not bear out this concern. The Director of Colorado Combative Sports Commission was quick to tweet out their experience with open scoring and it mirrored the data from Kansas with fighters not coasting to victory and the additional step of publishing data live to fighters did not bog down the flow of the event.

There are a lot of opinions on what open scoring will do. Now there is a growing body of data of what it actually does. Good to follow the data. In terms of opinions 79.4% of fighters want open scoring. If anyone’s opinion should matter its theirs.

A final concern some fans of closed scoring raise is that it leads to a ‘dramatic moment’ and that would be lost with open scoring. As the Kansas Athletic Commission pointed out drama still remains in competitive fights.


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