Helping Your Doctor Help You With CTE

CTE is more common than many doctors recognize. As a disease without a cure some people wrongly believe nothing can be done to assist when suffering from this progressive disorder linked to repeated brain trauma.

If you are combat sports athlete and suspect you are suffering from the disease making sure your doctor is familiar with it, your history of brain trauma, and how to diagnose it in the living is a great place to start.

Here is a link to the ‘consensus criteria’ for the diagnosis of TES (the term for those suspected to be living with CTE which can only be formally diagnosed on autopsy).

If your doctor agrees that you likely have CTE finding a way to tackle the symptoms to improve quality of life is an important focus. While there is no cure, there can be value in managing the symptoms of the disease. Below is one of the most common resources the Concussion Legacy Foundation share with people who suspect they have CTE with when they go to see their doctor.

There are numerous tools at a doctors disposal including exercise, diet management, cognitive rehabilitation, mood and behaviour therapy, pharmacological management and others that can be explored.

Understanding CTE and what can be done about the disease is important. You and your physician may benefit from reviewing these resources when considering the possible diagnosis of CTE and treatment plans for symptoms.

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