Colorado and Likely California Bringing Three Minute Rounds to Women’s Pro Boxing

Most jurisdictions limit pro women’s boxing to two minute rounds while men can have three. Contrast this to MMA where women and men compete under the exact same ruleset without any notable disparity in injury rates for women.

The old rule limitations seems to be based on sexism, not science.

Two commissions appear readyt to change this.

Today, Andy Foster, the Executive director of the California State Athletic Commission (the busiest regulator in North America) said he is looking to bring three minute rounds for women.

Appearing on Ariel Helwani’s the MMA Hour Foster noted “I was against 5 minute rounds back in 2008 for (women) in MMA and I was wrong…There is no reason why (female pro boxers) can’t do the three minute rounds“. In explaining the change is likely coming Foster’s comments can be seen here:

After sharing this clip on Twitter Anthony Cummings, Director of Colorado Combative Sports Commission, noted that the rule change will come to their jurisdiction next month.

Sometimes regulatory changes come at a glacial pace. Sometimes they come a mile a minute. It is good to see progress coming to a rule likely rooted in historic sexism.


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