Roxanne “The Record Breaker” Modafferi!

OK, this post is not law related but Roxanne Modaferri (who combatsportslaw had the pleasure of sponsoring a few times over the years during her run in InvictaFC) is about to set an MMA record.

With her upcoming appearance at UFC 266 she will tie the record for most professional MMA bouts in woman’s history. An impressive accomplishment.

I have not seen a single media outlet highlight this achievement. So here is some press from my humble corner of the internet.

And, as Roxanne herself points out, if you count her The Ultimate Fighter bouts, which don’t count on official records as the results are kept secret at the time of the bouts but by all means have the makings of real MMA contests, (ok I lied, there’s a legal regulatory twist after all!) she has already exceeded this record.

War Roxy!


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