Kansas Introduces “Champions Rules” For Older MMA Fighters

In the latest development in the ever shifting combat sports regulatory landscape, this week the Kansas athletic commission has introduced ‘champions rules’ for older (or possibly those deemed of lesser skill) MMA fighters.

The ruleset will make its debut this weekend with a bout scheduled between a 38 year old and and 52 year old competitor. Basically an MMA ‘light’ ruleset with heavier gloves and fewer headstrike possibilities to allow a category of bouts to proceed under a modified ruleset.

I reached out to Adam Roorbach of the Kansas commission who was able to provide the following details of these approved rules:

  • 8oz gloves
  • No elbows
  • No kicks or knees to the head
  • No blows to the head of a grounded opponent (no hitting the head during ground and pound)

The combat sports tapestry grows richer by the day!


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