New Jersey Releases Reasons for Werdum v. Ferreira “No Decision” Appeal

Last month Renan Ferreira and Fabricio Werdum were involved in a fight with a controversial ending at a PFL event hosted in Atlantic City. Werdum had Ferreira in a triangle choke. Ferreira possibly tapped but the referee either did not see or did not believe it to be a tap and the bout continued with Ferreira escaping the position and winning via ground and pound shortly thereafter.

An appeal was filed and it was reported that the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board overturned the bout result to a no decision.

I filed a public record request with the regulator for a full copy of their written reasons behind the appeal. These were provided to me today. In short the regulator noted a tap took place, the referee missed this, this amounted to a self-evident and palpable error. They noted if PFL chose to utilize instant replay the bout result could have been overturned to a win for Werdum in real time but since the promotion chooses not to use the technology a no-decision was the appropriate outcome on appeal, Their key reasoning was as follows:


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