Weigh in Shove Leads to Injury and Cancelled Bout. Legal Consequences to Follow?

Laying hands on an opponent at a weigh in is a terrible idea. Although not totally uncommon either out of bad blood or simply a cheap trick to hype a fight, unexpected consequences can follow and these can lead to legal consequences,.

This week Jeremy Stephens shoved Drakkar Klose, his scheduled opponent at UFC Vegas 24, during the weigh in face off. The shove apparently caused injury to Klose who subsequently was not medically cleared to compete and the bout was cancelled.

Klose released the below statement setting out the symptoms he struggled with following the incident:

He was formally diagnosed with both concussion and a sprain to his c-spine as a result of the push.

A shove leading to injury and economic loss could lead to legal action. A lawsuit based on assault/battery is not out of the question and such an action could lead to fairly steep financial consequences covering things like lost income, medical expenses, non pecuniary loss and other damages.

The Nevada State Athletic Commision, the regulator over seeing the event, also has various options to bring in regulatory consequences for this conduct.

It is unknown if either Klose or the NSAC are planning on taking any action but neither is out of the question.


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