Cannabis For Fighters Part 2 – Therapeutic Use Exemptions

In Part 2 of my latest YouTube video at Combat Sports Lawyer Explains I canvass the World Anti Doping Agency’s test for Therapeutic Use Exemptions and explain how the first ever TUE by an athletic commission met this test for medical marijuana.

If you are looking for more on this topic here are some quick links:

Part 1 – Marijuana’s treatment under the WADA Prohibited List

ABC Recommends Lighter Cannabis Sanctions

WADA Creates “Substances of Abuse” Category For Anti Doping

MMA Returned to Canada With Historic Cannabis TUE in Place

A Simple Fix For Combat Sports and Cannabis

Elias Theodorou Granted First Ever MMA Cannabis Therapeutic Use Exemption

“Substances of Abuse” Modified Under UFC/USADA In Competition Ban

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